How to add friends on FIFA 22

Football is better with a buddy.

The FIFA series has long been held as the pinnacle of football gaming and the latest entry in the series if FIFA 22. Like most games, FIFA is better with friends whether you are playing on the same team or going head to head. That being said, you might be wondering how to add friends on FIFA 22.

To add friends on FIFA 22, you will need to go to your friend's list and add them. The actual method of adding a friend will depend on your platform. Here is how to add a friend on FIFA 22.

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  • Open your friend's list.
  • Select Find Someone.
  • Search your friend's Gamertag.
  • Select their Gamertag.
  • Select Add Friend.


  • Go to the Friend's Tab.
  • Search for your friend's Online ID or name.
  • Select the + sign.
  • Send them a friend request.


  • Open Origin.
  • Click Add a Friend.
  • Search for their Public ID, email address, or name.
  • Select their profile.
  • Click send friend request.

Once they have accepted your friend request, you are free to invite them to your game or join their game. So, with the hard part out of the way, it is time to hit the pitch and play some football!

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