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How to Disenchant in Minecraft?

Enchantments grant special abilities to any tool, weapon, or armor in Minecraft. But often, players also wish to remove a particular enchantment from their respective items upon finding better ones. In such situations, you can remove the ability from any game item using the disenchantment feature. To disenchant in Minecraft, you will need a grindstone and […]

How to get Silk Touch in Minecraft?

Silk Touch is one of the most desired enchantments in Minecraft. The enchantment allows you to pick the exact block of certain items using the respective tools. For example, if you want to pick coral, you need a pickaxe with Silk Touch enchantment. Otherwise, you will end up picking dead coral. To get Silk Touch […]

Best Minecraft Banner Ideas and Patterns

Banners in Minecraft allow for lots of customization. Players can create many different designs and patterns on the banners. Some designs are more complex than others, but with the help of a loom the sky is the limit for what players can create. Fox Banner This banner with a fox design is on the complicated […]

How To Make A Raid Farm In Minecraft

Minecraft raids are one of the best ways to farm valuable loot in the game. Raids traditionally take place inside of villages that can be found around the world, and while this is a useful way to tackle the Pillager raids they can be made much more efficient by creating a raid farm. These farms […]