How to get the Dragonbone Orb in Genshin Impact

The Dragonbone Orb is a special Quest Item obtained from Enkanomiya. It’s cultivated from the Dragonbone Flower through a secret method lost to time. Over the years, legends of the elusive Orb spread, and the people of Monstadt gave it the name Fretnaught Fruit. Players can obtain the Dragonbone Orb through the Lotus Eater World […]

How to solve the triangular mechanism puzzle southwest of The Serpent’s Heart altar in Genshin Impact

Exploring Enkanomiya during Evernight can be pretty daunting, with Bathysmal Vishaps on every corner and the appearance of structures that glow a striking blue. When you encounter the latter, the chances are that there’s a puzzle for you to solve! You’ll encounter one such puzzle in the southwest of the altar in The Serpent’s Heart—its […]

How to solve the triangular mechanism puzzle east of The Narrows in Genshin Impact

In the east of The Narrows in Enkanomiya, players will encounter a ruin with triangular and day-night switching mechanisms. Interact with these mechanisms in the correct order to loot two Common Chests. Before starting, make sure that you have completed The Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent to allow you to switch between Whitenight and […]